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DevOps Consultancy

Achieve exceptional results by consulting a certified DevOps Professional. Conventional ways of marketing are outdated. Instead, embrace a unified approach that optimizes software and applications by automating the entire process. Our DevOps consultancy will allow your business to produce better results by enabling developers and system administrators to work hand in hand.

Why Is DevOps Important?

Your go-to tool for digital optimization! Improve the way you conduct business online. Key benefits of DevOps:
  • Boost the agility of your online workflow
  • Deliver consistently and rapidly
  • Reliability of automation
  • Scalability to grow continuously
  • Improved collaboration
  • Secure operations

DevOps Services We Offer

At SUDO Consultant, we offer the best, specialized DevOps solutions custom-tailored around your needs We provide:
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery – AWS Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Code Build, Code Deploy, 3rd Party Tools – GitHub, Jenkins
  • Containerization – AWS EKS, ECS, ECR 3rd Party Tools – Docker, Kubernetes
  • Infrastructure as a Code – AWS Cloud Formation, 3rd Party Tools – Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef
  • Monitoring and Logging – AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, 3rd Party Tools SUDO Watch
  • Communication and Collaboration – AWS Chime, Connect
  • Storage & Database – AWS S3, RDS, AWS DynamoDB, RedShift, DMS
  • Big Data – AWS Redshift, Athena, EMR
  • Serverless – AWS Lambda, Fargate, Step functions, Aurora Serverless, DynamoDB

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Adopt & Grow With Our Exceptional DevOps Cloud Services.


Value-added steps for getting amazing to develop service:

Aws, Azure, & GCP

Efficiently designed and deliver self-continuing frameworks on all significant cloud stages.

Powerful Integration

Work smartly in less time assists our developer in framing required software

Prompt Delivery

Reliability with technology and system helps un in delivering within the estimated time


Vital mechanization of value affirmation and testing identifies early, empowers consistent deployment, and improves system wellbeing      

Agile Development

We plan and fabricate items in a light-footed, iterative way to convey esteem rapidly and build up versatile adaptable improvement forms.


Get Hands-on best and effective technologies to deploy your software quickly      

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