Monitoring as a Service

MAAS helps in the deployment of monitoring of various services and applications within the cloud. It makes live monitoring easy, which tracks application, network, system, instances, or any element that may display within the cloud.

Perks of MAAS:

•Zero investments in software, hardware or additional personnel

•Access via a browser or retrieving all information via a common platform that is updated regularly and showing real-time status

•No tedious implementation, installation or configuration

•No training and courses

•Licensed security that only allows authorized persons to the events and to status reports

Get tremendous hands-on facilities by getting hands-on MAAS:

Dashboards –Visualize your frameworks and assets in a single spot. Examine basic diagrams one next to the other with significant logs. Discover the main driver of numerous issues by exploring back in time and perceiving how the general framework acted previously, during, or after issues happened.

Metrics –Track a wide assortment of straightforward and complex measurements. CloudMonix follows and dissects huge amounts of significant data about your frameworks at each moment. It is adaptable and can develop with your business needs.

Alert Engine –Provides a sophisticated alert engine that can evaluate multiple conditions simultaneously, based on real-time or sustained conditions using simple, complex, aggregated or unstructured metrics.

Immediate Notifications –Permits IT, experts, to unplug from continually watching screens or dashboards and focus on more significant things.