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AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Protecting web applications from common attacks or exploits


  • Managed rules help you save time so you can invest more time in developing applications.
  • Easier monitoring, blocking, or rate-limiting of widespread and common bots.
  • Enhance web traffic visibility with fine-grained control over metric emission.

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How it works

AWS WAF aids in defending against bots and common web exploits that can impair availability, jeopardize security, or use up excessive resources. Utilizing AWS WAF, you can establish security policies that manage bot traffic and stop well-known attack vectors like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).


Use Cases

The most common use cases industry use AWS WAF for and we are confident that one of them is applicable for you.

Screen Website Traffic

Make rules to filter web requests according to criteria like IP addresses, the HTTP body and headers, or custom URIs.

Stop fraudulent account takeovers

Keep an eye out for unauthorized access to user accounts via the login page of your application using stolen or otherwise compromised credentials.

Utilize APIs to managed AWS WAF

Automate the creation and maintenance of rules and incorporate them into the development and design processes.