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Achieve exceptional results by consulting a certified DevOps Professional. Conventional ways of marketing are outdated. Instead, embrace a unified approach that optimizes software and applications by automating the entire process. Our DevOps consulting services will allow your business to produce better results by enabling developers and system administrators to work hand in hand.

Why Is DevOps Important?

Accelerate your cloud operations and workloads by minimizing costs, increase the efficiency and speed up the release management cycle with our DevOps Services. Realize better throughput, resilient systems, and faster time to market. Dedicated teams from SUDO provide DevOps Consulting Services that help your IT department accelerate the project at hand and adopt DevOps best practices in the process.

DevOps services

DevOps Consulting Services

Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration

AWS Code Commit, Code Pipeline, Code Build, Code Deploy, 3rd Party Tools – GitHub, Jenkins


AWS EKS, ECS, ECR 3rd Party Tools – Docker, Kubernetes.

Infrastructure As A Code
Infrastructure as a Code

AWS Cloud Formation, 3rd Party Tools – Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef.

Monitoring and Logging

AWS CloudWatch, CloudTrail, 3rd Party Tools SUDO Watch.


AWS Lambda, Fargate, Step functions, Aurora Serverless, DynamoD.

Storage Database
Storage & Database

AWS S3, RDS, AWS DynamoDB, RedShift, DMS.


AWS Chime, Connect

Big Data
Big Data

AWS Redshift, Athena, EMR

Our DevOps Consulting Stages

We always put flexibility and complete automation at the heart of the DevOps process. Our DevOps consulting business is focused exclusively on the full interaction of development and operation. Only continuous development, integration, testing, monitoring, and feedback, as well as delivery and deployment, can sufficiently stimulate production.

Project discovery

Before any development, our specialists discuss a new project. They plan how software products will be created. Determine your needs and adjust the project for you. The terms of implementation and the set of methods and technologies that will be used are discussed.


Our team is creating a plan for the provision of consulting services. The issues and processes for which you need support are determined, the employees who specialize in your issues as much as possible and determine the possible risks and options for overcoming them.

Creating roadmap

For the maximum successful elaboration of your company, a necessary step is to create a roadmap. We include automation, the development of scripts, and the implementation of an infrastructure development plan in it.


We launch a quality check of our consulting services, we put into action all the previously selected technologies, and we follow the chosen strategy. Thanks to the roadmap, our experts know the elaboration vector and follow it. We monitor and test all implemented processes.

Benefits of Our DevOps Consulting Services

With our Enterprise DevOps consulting, we help large and medium enterprises achieve higher efficiency in Development and Operations, quicker time to market and better quality of software builds with early identification of emerging issues, letting the code be in a releasable state always.

  • The most cost-efficient IT systems management
  • Operations and scalability improvement
  • Reduce development lifecycle
  • Data security

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps consulting?

DevOps consulting is a field of information services that helps IT companies efficiently optimize product development and delivery pipelines. DevOps consulting companies provide best practices in enterprise cloud architectures and DevOps strategies to enable IT companies to successfully market their innovative solutions.

Are DevOps consulting services worth it?

Regardless of how long your company has been providing its DevOps services, you will always be dealing with a variety of, sometimes, highly ambitious projects. It is exactly in such cases that you may lack the necessary experience and it will be difficult to guarantee the best result to the customer. As a rule, DevOps consulting companies cooperate with a very large number of clients and already have a fairly large bank of knowledge on solving the most non-standard issues, as well as more global strategic thinking. Employing the experience of consulting companies, you can guarantee the construction of a high-quality CI/CD pipeline, based on the world’s best practices and tools. By applying the best DevOps strategy consulting solutions, your business will always be very flexible in responding to a rapidly changing market.

Where can DevOps consulting be used?

Today’s reality of competition in the DevOps services market requires very fast project delivery. Often, the customer has a very limited budget, which means that the project must be done perfectly, without unnecessary waste of time and resources. In this case, with the help of DevOps consulting services, it is possible to provide a more effective relationship between the implementation of practices and the preparation of a roadmap. DevOps consulting companies help resolve any issues between developers and engineers working at different stages of software development.

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