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Cloud consultancy: perhaps the most important success factor for a cloud migration

Don’t have enough space to keep up with Data Surge? Interested in adoption of Public Cloud? Is OPEX cost becoming a concern. Adapt to the future and deploy your digital assets to the cloud.

Let us move your server infrastructure, application and software to a new Data Center/Cloud Platform. At SUDO, we are currently employing six migration strategies to give you the best service possible.


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Our expertise and experience in dealing with the leading public secured cloud platforms make us a perfect choice for your business. At SUDO, we have expertise in AWS platform to migrate, implement, manage and secure applications in AWS cloud. AWS allows you to reduce your upfront infrastructure investment with monthly costs.

Deliver the right solutions on the leading cloud platform
Migration Startegies

At SUDO, We are currently employing six migration strategies to give you the best service possible


Move applications without any changes, Save up to 30% in costs, Easy application optimization.


Few cloud optimizations required Core architecture remains unchanged Save up on your licensing costs Increased savings and agility.


Reliability with technology and system helps un in delivering within the estimated time.


Vital mechanization of value affirmation and testing identifies early, empowers consistent deployment, and improves system wellbeing .


We plan and fabricate items in a light-footed, iterative way to convey esteem rapidly and build up versatile adaptable improvement forms.


Get Hands-on best and effective technologies to deploy your software quickly.

The right cloud experts can ensure you use the cloud 100%​

Build the Digital Enterprise of Tomorrow with Cloud Transformation


A Proud Partner Of Amazon Web Services

As experts in cloud migration, we can help you seamlessly and effectively move data off of your onsite computers and onto secure, remote servers.

  • Reduce marketing time by enhanced solutions
  • On-demand delivery of compute power, database, storage and other IT resources via the Internet
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Enable businesses to scale rapidly
  • Top-notch security of digital data Enhance mobility
  • AWS Credits

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Engineers and Developers

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The benefits of cloud migration

By moving to the cloud, organisations are able to be more flexible and provide employees with the tools they need, when they need them. As the world shifts to a place of hybrid working, having cloud-based services available has never been more important.

  • Cost savings with quick ROI or Return of Investments
  • Enhanced security and more flexibility
  • Freedom to access any time
  • Quick and efficient disaster recovery
  • Automatic software updates for ensuring compliance
  • Be hybrid-working ready
  • Scale at speed
  • Enable and enhance real-time collaboration
  • Adaptable for the future
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Why Choose SUDO For Cloud Migration Consulting?

Cloud migration is all about embracing the data-driven culture, which is the core of analytics. SUDO Consultants can help you through this transition to leverage the Cloud space for your own betterment.

Get Better and Faster Solutions

SUDO specialists have years of experience performing cloud migrations. We use proven blueprints and top-of-the-line tools to give you better and faster solutions. Our aim is to bring you value as quickly as possible.

We Already Know Of The Problems You May Encounter

Since our experts have been working day in and day out on cloud migration projects, we can easily forecast the problems you may encounter. With us working on your side, you can breathe easily, for we also know their solutions.

No Disruption

We understand downtime means loss of income. Therefore, our approach is to help you migrate with minimal to no downtime. Disruption of work is not an acceptable scenario.

Full Compliance

We help mitigate risk to your business by ensuring up-to-date apps and processes. This way, you get the added advantage of being fully compliant with the stringent rules of governance.

Leveraging New Technologies

By leveraging the power of new technologies employed by SUDO, you will be able to make your business more agile, maximize the ROI, and automate processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why migrate to the AWS Cloud?

Migrating your applications to the cloud gives you access to on-demand IT resources designed to help you innovate faster, reduce costs, and operate more securely. AWS data migration allows you to purchase what you need on-demand and does not require minimum commitments or upfront costs.

What is the Process of Migrating to the Cloud?

The first step in migrating to the Cloud is to go through an assessment or requirements gathering process to understand your readiness for going to the Cloud. This assessment will take stock of things like internal technical skills, application infrastructure, and organization readiness for change. From there the path forward is unique to your needs, but don’t worry, your cloud partner will be able to build you a clear roadmap that addresses any of your concerns.

How long does it take?

Migration to the cloud is more than just copying files to a new destination, it often requires a change in how you operate. Migrations are typically done in phases, to minimize the disruption to your day-to-day operations. Ultimately, there’s no standard answer for the length of time to complete a migration to the cloud; it depends on the complexity of your applications, infrastructure, and related dependencies.

Is my data safe during the migration process?

One advantage of the Cloud is the inherent security protections that are always being updated and monitored to protect from evolving threats and attacks. However, many businesses are concerned about possible vulnerabilities during the migration process itself. A key part of the migration process involves understanding application dependencies, setting up a test environment, and performing stringent testing before the migration takes place. Processes will be in place to ensure that, in the event of any problems, the ability to “rollback” to a prior state is available.

How do I know if my on-premise apps and content are cloud compatible?

During the assessment/requirements gathering process, an analysis will be done to determine if on-premise applications and content are “cloud-ready” or if some kind of modernization will be required. This is a great reason to work with a cloud expert when considering the process of migrating.

What kind of servers can be migrated to Amazon Web Services using Amazon Server Migration Service?

Currently, you can migrate virtual machines from VMware vSphere and Windows Hyper-V to Amazon Server Migration Service.

Can SUDO help me migrate from on-premise databases/servers to the AWS cloud?

Yes, we can. There are many reasons to move to cloud-based databases and we are able to walk you through why this may make sense for your organization.

Can SUDO help me migrate to AWS from Azure or another cloud?

Absolutely! We have extensive knowledge and experience in both areas.

Does SUDO do the actual data migration and setup of AWS for me?

Yes, we’re experts in both strategizing and actually moving the data to AWS.

Does SUDO help me with strategy and planning for moving to AWS?

Yes, we do! We know that planning out a custom strategy and plan is key to success.

Why choose SUDO for migrating to AWS?

This is the core of our work and all we do, making us experts on the process.

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