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AWS Well Architected Review For Optimal Cloud Performance

Using the AWS Well-Architected Review we identify areas of improvement within your chosen AWS environment. Achieving success in the cloud isn’t simply about deploying applications. It’s about creating an architecture that’s secure, resilient and efficient. Are you ready to take your cloud architecture to the next level? Let’s dive into the AWS well-architected review and create a safer, more reliable and cost-efficient infrastructure.


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Our expertise and experience in dealing with the leading public secured cloud platforms make us a perfect choice for your business. At SUDO, we have expertise in AWS platform to migrate, implement, manage and secure applications in AWS cloud. AWS allows you to reduce your upfront infrastructure investment with monthly costs.

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Review Process - How it Works?

The AWS Well-Architected Tool is designed to help you review the state of your applications and workloads, and it provides a central place for architectural best practices and guidance. The AWS Well-Architected Tool is based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, which was developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient application infrastructures.


SUDO will analyze your existing architecture against Framework utilizing AWS Well-Architected Tool.


SUDO Experts will provide a findings reports, listed with priorities and recommendations.


SUDO Certified AWS Engineers will remediate the findings based on recommended priority.


AWS Well-Architected Framework Pillars

Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence pillar includes the ability to support development and run workloads effectively, gain insight into their operation, and continuously improve supporting processes and procedures to delivery business value.

Operations teams need to understand their business and customer needs so they can support business outcomes. Ops creates and uses procedures to respond to operational events, and validates their effectiveness to support business needs. Ops also collects metrics that are used to measure the achievement of desired business outcomes.


The Security pillar includes the ability to protect data, systems, and assets to take advantage of cloud technologies to improve your security. Before you architect any workload, you need to put in place practices that influence security.

You’ll want to control who can do what. In addition, you want to be able to identify security incidents, protect your systems and services, and maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data through data protection.


The Reliability pillar encompasses the ability of a workload to perform its intended function correctly and consistently when it’s expected to. This includes the ability to operate and test the workload through its total lifecycle.

Before building any system, foundational requirements that influence reliability should be in place. For example, you must have sufficient network bandwidth to your data center. These requirements are sometimes neglected (because they are beyond a single project’s scope). With AWS, however, most of the foundational requirements are already incorporated or can be addressed as needed.

Performance Efficiency

The Performance Efficiency pillar includes the ability to use computing resources efficiently to meet system requirements, and to maintain that efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve. Take a data-driven approach to building a high-performance architecture. Gather data on all aspects of the architecture, from the high-level design to the selection and configuration of resource types.

Cost Optimization

The Cost Optimization pillar includes the ability to run systems to deliver business value at the lowest price point. As with the other pillars, there are trade-offs to consider. For example, do you want to optimize for speed to market or for cost? In some cases, it’s best to optimize for speed—going to market quickly, shipping new features, or simply meeting a deadline—rather than investing in up-front cost optimization.


The discipline of sustainability addresses the long-term environmental, economic, and societal impact of your business activities. In your development and deployment process, identify opportunities to reduce your sustainability impact by making changes, such as updating systems to gain performance efficiencies and manage sustainability impacts. Use automation to manage the lifecycle of your development and test environments, and use managed device farms for testing.

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The Value of AWS Well-Architected Review

More than 80% of enterprises adopt the recommendations that come from an AWS Well-Architected Review program.


Making The Framework Actionable

A good cloud strategy begins with a clear-eyed understanding of your systems and goals. An AWS Well-Architected Review is essential.

  • Faster Deployment
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Environment Testing
  • Reduce Vulnerabilities

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SUDO is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Our team has more than a hundred AWS-certified experts who have been managing AWS environments for businesses of different scales.

AWS Well-Architected Review

In our experience, the majority of organizations participating in a Well-Architected Framework Review proceed with recommended remediations. That should tell you the value of the Review.

  • Accelerated remediation of cost, performance, reliability, operations, and security related issues
  • Guidance on leveraging new AWS services and features that enhance the overall experience
  • Improvement in cloud usage by partnering with AWS-certified professionals who lead the well-architected review
  • Better understanding of the business impact of your design decisions in AWS
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Why choose SUDO for AWS Well-Architected Review?

SUDO is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. With deep expertise in AWS, our certified AWS experts have architected, built, migrated several workloads to AWS following the AWS Well-Architected framework and best practices. Our AWS certified solution architects have assessed various client’s infrastructure for compliance with AWS Well-Architected guidelines and provided recommendations for remediation based on the audit reports.

SUDO is a team of AWS certified engineers with deep industry experience, ready to tackle the complexities related to cloud architecture. Every AWS deployment is unique and customized to your business. AWS Well-Architected Review provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures and implement designs that can scale over time.

We review and assess your cloud architecture to ensure that it is aligned across the six pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AWS Well-Architected framework?

AWS Well-Architected framework presents the design principles, best practices for designing and operating secure, efficient, cost-effective systems in the cloud. It provides an approach for evaluating your proposed or existing cloud infrastructure based on five pillars: security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational efficiency, and cost optimization.

What is AWS Well-Architected review?

AWS Well-Architected Reviews use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to evaluate and remediate systems. The review is done by a cloud partner/MSP, or by a cloud engineer, who walks through a set of questions to check if the architecture and operations are aligned with AWS’s recommended practices.

What should be the frequency of AWS Well-Architected Reviews?

It is recommended to have periodic (6-8 months) Well architected reviews of workloads. It helps optimize the cloud costs better.

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