What is Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)?

Amazon EKS has been used to both manage and scale clusters of infrastructure resources automatically on AWS with Kubernetes.

Amazon EKS is a certified, compatible solution, ensuring compatibility with existing Kubernetes applications. It simplifies container scheduling, availability monitoring, data storage, and other critical tasks that Amazon EKS handles automatically.

AWS handles cluster provisioning, upgrades, and patching. You can easily migrate your existing Kubernetes cluster to AWS without altering the codebase since EKS runs the upstream Kubernetes version. Additionally, EKS ensures high availability by distributing your infrastructure across multiple availability zones, eliminating a single point of failure.

Benefits of Amazon EKS

Amazon EKS is a fully managed service that allows you to leverage the benefits of Kubernetes without the need for in-house experts or infrastructure maintenance. With EKS, you can focus on managing your clusters and workloads, rather than designing highly usable and scalable controller nodes. The service takes care of maintaining your Kubernetes control plane, eliminating the need for installation and operation. You have the flexibility to manage applications within your cluster or utilize the Kubernetes control interface to organize individual resources.

EKS seamlessly integrates with AWS services by utilizing a VPC network. When defining your network, you can refer to ENI-type IP addresses, as EKS worker nodes define the maximum workload per node. Furthermore, applications running on Amazon EKS are compatible with those in existing Kubernetes environments, allowing you to transition to EKS without any code modifications.

EKS Runtime Monitoring

EKS Runtime Monitoring provides runtime threat detection coverage for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) nodes and containers within your AWS environment. EKS Runtime Monitoring uses a GuardDuty security agent that adds runtime visibility into individual EKS workloads, for example, file access, process execution, and network connections. The GuardDuty security agent helps GuardDuty identify specific containers within your EKS clusters that are potentially compromised. It can also detect attempts to escalate privileges from an individual container to the underlying EC2 host, and the broader AWS environment. 

How it works ?

Getting started with SUDO EKS Accelerators is easy fairly easy:


Statement of Work Completion

Ensure the comprehensive completion of the Statement of Work for SUDO EKS Accelerators.


Project Initiation

Schedule a Project Kickoff call to gather necessary access requirements.


Installation and Configuration

Our specialists will deploy the EKS Cluster, fine-tuning it to meet our meticulously defined standards.


Training and Future Plans

Facilitate project transition through training and meeting.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Our team has more than a hundred AWS-certified experts who have been managing AWS environments for businesses of different scales.

Benefits of Choosing SUDO for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Implementation

SUDO EKS Accelerators are the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge in implementing their solutions on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) swiftly and efficiently. These accelerators are meticulously validated and tested blueprints that provide businesses with a streamlined pathway to provision fully functional, opinionated EKS clusters tailored to meet their specific application requirements. By leveraging SUDO EKS Accelerators, businesses can rapidly configure and deploy purpose-built EKS clusters, significantly reducing the time it takes to onboard workloads from months to mere days.

The SUDO EKS Accelerators minimise operational overhead, simplifying cluster management and enabling businesses to focus on their core objectives and innovations. With SUDO EKS Accelerators, businesses can unleash the full potential of EKS, harness the power of Kubernetes tools, and expedite their journey towards success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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