About Customer SMARTPOINT SmartPoint leverages real-time, micro-location information through their proprietary 1M® Voice Pin technology, directly sourced from businesses. This technology allows them to provide innovative solutions based on precise location data SmartPoint Location Services is transforming the new Last Mile to Last Meter™ services for all navigation, delivery, rideshare, asset management, safety, and emergency […]

About Customer SPOORAY is a special kind of E-wallet mobile app, designed for entertainment needs. SPOORAY facilitates the creation and sending of congratulatory messages for events or special occasions by utilizing tools like images, giphy and video messages accompanied by a monetary gift. Customer Challenge SPOORAY is running their manually provisioned platform in AWS Cloud. […]

About the Customer Turn, headquartered in Orange County, CA and founded in 2021, was successfully deployed with their e-commerce website solution on AWS. With a deep understanding of the vaping industry and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, they have established themselves as a trusted online destination for vapers. Leveraging the robust capabilities of […]