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Our Cloud Management Services engages our clients to construct a custom arrangement that satisfies their novel prerequisites in a safe, adaptable, and profoundly accessible environment. Make your choice from an open or private cloud, committed servers, colocation, or hybrid mix contributions; every one of our cloud facilitating administrations is overseen and protected. Our dedicated team, along with superfluous cloud servers, will help to achieve your desired goal.

Managed Cloud Services benefits

Our experts at SUDO provide an opportunity to our client either to build the cloud from scratch or enhance the existing one with add-on features and innovation in-order to run smoothly. Not only this, but SUDO strategic planning is also moving up to its legacy by providing consultancy to its valued clients regarding the existing cloud and how to enhance its functionality to beat the competition and win market share.


We take all the complications out of handling your API management, B2B integration, and managed file transfer ecosystem, relieving your team from the burden so they can focus on other critical initiatives.

Reduced Risk
Reduced risk

Our solution makes it simple to outsource your partial or complete cloud management services and then bring them back in-house without disruption. You're always in control.


Avoid missed SLA penalties with a support architecture that reduces downtime to near zero.

Optimize your costs in the cloud with AWS

SUDO is a recognized, certified managed cloud service provider. With our support, your teams are empowered to deliver more value with greater agility.


Continuous management and support of your cloud

Managed Private Cloud

A collection of combined services for monitoring performance and stability, managing usage and capacity, and delivering security patching in AWS instance.

Advanced Monitoring

Real time monitoring of your IT systems. Including but not limited to switches, firewalls, servers, and cloud infrastructure.

Cloud security

Patching of Windows servers with critical and security updates, mitigating the risk of vulnerabilities on the server stack.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions help our clients to avoid data loss and ensure the highest level of availability for applications in the cloud.

Capacity Management

We supply the best cloud security solutions with latest technology to ensure our customer’s data confidentiality and integrity, availability.

Cost optimisation

Combined with the capacity management element, ensures the cost of your AWS instances runs optimally, meeting financial and departmental budgets plus performance requirements.

SUDO is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Managed cloud services company who also specializes in cloud migration from on-prem or other clouds to AWS and DevOps consultancy




why choose SUDO for your Managed Cloud Services in Dubai?

Our Managed cloud services in Dubai provide disaster recovery and, in most cases, better security than unmanaged cloud hosting.

  • In-depth understanding of your business and its context, helping you anticipate and capitalize on market opportunities and evolving competitive realities.
  • Extensive automation and self service capabilities delivered flexibly and cost effectively to let you focus on delivering value.
  • Flexible pricing, integration, delivery, and management models that incorporate world-class methods, processes, and tools that together provide on-demand scalability and agility.

50 +

Engineers and Developers

5 K +

Happy Cloud Customers

50 K +

Instances Deployed

100 %

Certified Employees

We are well aware of all the technological trends and are well-equipped to employ the latest DevOps and Cloud Computing methods. Our competent team will help you to:

  • Handle multiple tasks
  • Evaluate the services offered by AWS
  • Deploy methods for fast results
  • Secure the environment from threats (Ext and Int)
  • Monitor models for pro-active and re-active awareness
  • Reduce costs
  • Build identity and access management with a zero-trust model
  • Backup data with the recovery model
  • Manage system and database etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed cloud services?

Managed cloud services allow your IT team to leverage an outside provider to maximize cloud management for your business. By leveraging their solutions, support, and expertise in enabling a single or multi-tenant cloud environment, you can achieve greater optimization, lower costs, and more effective security across your operations and infrastructure.

What does a managed cloud services provider do?

A managed cloud services provider (MCSP) is a third-party provider of cloud management services. Rather than handle cloud migration, maintenance, and management in-house, you can outsource specific tasks or use cases to an outside expert who has the experience and resources necessary to manage those aspects of your cloud deployment. You can even outsource your entire cloud platform management, allowing you to focus completely on your core business and strategic projects so you can achieve more value.

What kind of services are managed cloud services?

The cloud has never been more critical to the way organizations operate. However, managing a single cloud or multiple clouds requires time, expertise, and comprehensive resources that many IT departments lack. As a result, they often struggle to maintain and scale their cloud use effectively, leaving the organization at risk of wasting money on unused cloud capacity, wasting time waiting to provision new cloud resources, and exposing themselves to cyberattacks due to an under-protected attack surface. An MSCP takes the hard work of cloud management off your hands by using their expertise, scale, and security capabilities to ensure you always have the right cloud for the right workload at the right time. A managed cloud service provider can manage your cloud-based infrastructure, applications, storage, networking, security, and more.

What kind of services are managed cloud services?

When choosing a managed cloud services provider, make sure you find a provider that can offer the following: Scalability, Flexibility, Availability, Security

What is a fully managed cloud service?

Fully managed cloud services are cloud services that are handled completely by a cloud service provider using automations. This typically means that you don’t have to take care of setting up and managing machines, patching or backing up. Additionally, these controls give you easy to set up configurations that allow you to decide how you scale and deal with High Availability (HA) and Disaster recovery (DR) situations.

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