Introduction In the rapidly changing dynamics and world of cloud computing, the AWS infrastructure dependent businesses consider high availability as an essential thing. A notable damage to reputation and a great financial loss can be caused by downtime. As the businesses are expanded to AWS infrastructure, the need for uninterrupted service becomes essential. This paper […]

As the technology advances, so does the competition. Many organizations face this challenge of developing innovative applications at a fairly rapid speed. If they fail to do so, they end up losing their business. For ease in this situation, AWS platform provides services to host modern applications. Through this approach the businesses get trained to […]

Understanding the disparities between logs and events is crucial when it comes to unraveling the mysteries of observability. These two types of telemetry data serve distinct purposes in exploring your applications and comprehending user interactions. In simple terms, logs aid in troubleshooting and root cause analysis, while events offer deeper insights into application performance through […]