Introduction We will discuss serverless architecture changes and fundamentally how a developer can deploy and manage applications. Lambda abstracts the underlying infrastructure, enabling the developer to focus on code itself. In this case, the operational overhead is reduced, and the development cycles quickly speed up. This new serverless computing model speeds up application development, helps […]

AI is seeing widespread adoption across industries and business functions, and is reshaping how companies operate. From marketing to human resources, AI is being used throughout organizations to automate tasks, improve data analytics, and make smarter decisions more quickly. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs […]

Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) represents a huge suite of cloud computing services; it helps businesses scale, innovate, and grow. As organizations aim at improving and boosting their digital infrastructures, multi-region architectures within the concept of AWS are something that forms quite a dominant force. This is further strengthening the resiliency and robustness of the […]

In today’s digital landscape, effective communication is paramount, and platforms like Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Google Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) play pivotal roles in ensuring seamless delivery of notifications to users.  In this blog post, we’ll investigate the procedures for setting up push notifications using Google Firebase’s FCM and AWS SNS. By the […]

Introduction The revolution of industries took place due to the integration of technology into economic frameworks. One of many revolutionary forces is AWS (Amazon Web Services). AWS is considered to be the cloud computing arm of Amazon. Previously, businesses used to operate and scale using traditional approaches. But with the entry of AWS in this […]

Module 3 – Build a Serverless Backend Overview Now comes the building of a backend process that will be used for handling requests of your web application. For this we will use AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB. Previously, we mentioned that users will be allowed to make requests about the delivery of unicorn to a […]

Overview In this guide, we will create a serverless web application. The purpose of this application includes allowing the users to make a request for unicorn rides from the Wild Rydes fleet. Moreover, this application will present an interface (HTML-based) to the users for informing about the location where they would like to be picked […]

Introduction No matter what the size of an organization is, the security of its applications always stays a top priority concern. With the advancements made in major sectors, the number of cyber threats have also increased in number. Because of this the task of protecting user data and preventing the application from unauthorized access has […]

Introduction Brief Overview of Legacy Software Challenges The challenges faced in a business which include efficiency upgrade along with the agility control can easily be taken care of using Legacy Software. These software often struggle to fulfil the requirements of the modern environment of computing because of their outdated and old technology and infrastructure. In […]