Introduction to Docker Containerization for SageMaker From the past couple of years, Docker has proved itself to be a fundamental technology in the world of software deployment and development. In a nutshell, Docker is basically a platform which is provided to the developers so that they can package the applications along with their dependencies into […]

Introduction When you decide to deploy microservices on Amazon ECS, you will have to use AWS Fargate. The advantage of using AWS Fargate is that it offers scalability along with flexibility for your containerized applications. In order to deploy the Java microservices on ECS using Fargate, we will be taking help of the following two […]

Docker has revolutionized the IT industry by stepping in 2013 as a platform that uses OS-level virtualization to expose software applications to the internet. By leveraging the containerization model, the earlier problems faced by development and operations teams have been mitigated. In the digital transformation era, we could see some formerly advanced methods and technologies […]