Introduction The world of technology is ever evolving at an unprecedented pace. Enterprises are migrating their workloads to the cloud to benefit from agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. However, with this migration comes the imperative need for robust security measures to protect sensitive data, applications and infrastructure from evolving cyber threats. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like […]

Introduction IoT has the full form of The Internet of Things. It has revolutionized our interaction and gathering data from the outside world. IoT platforms are needed constantly when the number of connected devices grows. AWS is always at your service and provides various services for building reliable and secure IoT applications. AWS IoT Core […]

Due to the advancements made in the domain of healthcare it has become really difficult to handle and manage large amounts of data. It has a huge role in research, informed decisions, and patient care. AWS Data Pipeline is a powerful solution which offers a way to coordinate and automate the flow of data (healthcare […]

A VPC endpoint facilitates secure, private connections to AWS services and VPC endpoint services using AWS PrivateLink. Amazon VPC instances can communicate with these services without needing public IP addresses, ensuring that data traffic remains within the Amazon network. These VPC endpoints are essentially virtual devices that are designed to be horizontally scalable, redundant, and […]

In the contemporary business ecosystem of Dubai, a city synonymous with innovation and growth, cloud enablement services are playing a pivotal role in redefining the trajectories of businesses. As organizations increasingly prioritize digital transformation and seek to leverage the benefits of cloud technology, the role of cloud enablement services becomes paramount. Cloud enablement services encompass […]

More and more countries around the world are putting in place strict data privacy laws that apply internationally. As a result, the number of countries that provide a GDPR-free shelters is decreasing. Executives in charge of data privacy and security at companies that do business all over the world MUST use a cross-regulatory compliance strategy […]

Nowadays, we are in a rapidly changing and evolving world wherein each moment a significant development is happening in a diverse direction of technology. These multi-directional changes create various opportunities to solve the challenges on the pathway toward excellence. Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) is an example of a modern-day solution to avoid many other overhead problems. […]