Introduction to Cloud Migration Challenges and Solutions Cloud migration refers to the process of transferring digital business resources—which most often include applications, data, and sometimes operated software—from on-premise data centers into the cloud. In the process, the following challenges emerge: how to provide data security, cost management, application compatibility, and downtime minimization in the process […]

For the sake of customers, most of the businesses are seeking the opportunities to enhance the performance of their contact centres. This will play a role in making the user experience better and also in increasing the operational efficiency. One approach is to migrate the contact centres to cloud-based using Amazon Connect. Well, now that […]

Welcome to the world of “Serverless WordPress” on AWS Imagine you have great idea and you want to publish it as a website. Or your team is managing a crisis like a pandemic and wants to publish public interest health information quickly. These scenarios may pose a challenge in terms of speed, and difficulty determining […]