Introduction Brief Overview of Legacy Software Challenges The challenges faced in a business which include efficiency upgrade along with the agility control can easily be taken care of using Legacy Software. These software often struggle to fulfil the requirements of the modern environment of computing because of their outdated and old technology and infrastructure. In […]

For the sake of customers, most of the businesses are seeking the opportunities to enhance the performance of their contact centres. This will play a role in making the user experience better and also in increasing the operational efficiency. One approach is to migrate the contact centres to cloud-based using Amazon Connect. Well, now that […]

Picture this scenario: you receive an email from your CEO, requesting some vital information. As you read it, you’re struck by the uncanny resemblance to your CEO’s tone, language, and even her beloved pet dog mentioned in a light-hearted joke. The email is flawless, accurate, and utterly convincing. But here’s the twist: it was actually […]