Introduction Overview Web application security is important, since data has to be kept integral, confidential, and available. In the present day, where the cyber threat keeps rising, securing web applications against vulnerabilities is important to ensure all the above. Penetration testing is proactive, and vulnerabilities can be found and fixed before any exploitation can occur […]

Introduction: Zero Trust security model or architectures have gained significant interest and traction in recent years as organizations seek to enhance their security posture and protect against advanced threats. Traditional security models that rely on a secure perimeter and trust within the network are proving inadequate in the face of sophisticated cyberattacks and evolving threat […]

More and more countries around the world are putting in place strict data privacy laws that apply internationally. As a result, the number of countries that provide a GDPR-free shelters is decreasing. Executives in charge of data privacy and security at companies that do business all over the world MUST use a cross-regulatory compliance strategy […]