Introduction Overview of Telehealth Telehealth has greatly enhanced medical services and the disbursement of information through its innovations and the use of digital technology. Respective, these can be linked to the availability of health care from a distance. Generally, telehealth, as an old concept, has since the 20th century, been suspected to exist, with the […]

Introduction Brief Overview of HIPAA Compliance Requirements The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act establishes national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. The concept of HIPAA compliance is that you will have to maintain PHI under strict privacy, security, and breach notification rules. The rules lay down a strong set […]

Introduction Overview Web application security is important, since data has to be kept integral, confidential, and available. In the present day, where the cyber threat keeps rising, securing web applications against vulnerabilities is important to ensure all the above. Penetration testing is proactive, and vulnerabilities can be found and fixed before any exploitation can occur […]

What is Data Analytics Data analytics is the function of analyzing huge amounts of data to find patterns, trends, correlations, and insights that may be utilized to make better business choices. It includes collecting, organizing, converting, and analyzing data in order to extract useful data and support decision-making processes. Data analytics interprets data and generates […]

Introduction We will discuss serverless architecture changes and fundamentally how a developer can deploy and manage applications. Lambda abstracts the underlying infrastructure, enabling the developer to focus on code itself. In this case, the operational overhead is reduced, and the development cycles quickly speed up. This new serverless computing model speeds up application development, helps […]

Introduction The world of technology is ever evolving at an unprecedented pace. Enterprises are migrating their workloads to the cloud to benefit from agility, scalability and cost-efficiency. However, with this migration comes the imperative need for robust security measures to protect sensitive data, applications and infrastructure from evolving cyber threats. Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like […]

AI is seeing widespread adoption across industries and business functions, and is reshaping how companies operate. From marketing to human resources, AI is being used throughout organizations to automate tasks, improve data analytics, and make smarter decisions more quickly. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs […]

Introduction Amazon Web Services (AWS) represents a huge suite of cloud computing services; it helps businesses scale, innovate, and grow. As organizations aim at improving and boosting their digital infrastructures, multi-region architectures within the concept of AWS are something that forms quite a dominant force. This is further strengthening the resiliency and robustness of the […]