With the rise of cloud computing, monitoring has become an essential component of ensuring optimal cloud performance, availability, and security. Cloud monitoring tools are essential to helping organizations proactively identify and resolve issues that can affect their cloud systems and applications. In this post, we will share insights into cloud monitoring best practices and solutions […]

In this article you will learn how to setup Amazon Web Services (AWS) Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your business data from web scrapers and other malicious traffic. Our step-by-step guide covers the creation of AWS WAF instance, adding security rules and rule groups, and configuring metrics to monitor performance and identify potential threats. […]

In the previous article, we discussed the importance of securing AWS Lambda and a few steps involved in implementing security and compliance considerations. To build upon this foundation, in this article, we will dive deeper into the remaining security and compliance considerations when using AWS Lambda. These considerations will help ensure the protection of your […]

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service that enables you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. As with any other service, there are security and compliance considerations that you should take into account when using Lambda. Some key security and compliance considerations when using Lambda include: When setting up security and compliance considerations […]

CI and CD stand for continuous integration and continuous delivery/continuous deployment. In other words, CI is a contemporary method of software development where incremental code changes are reliably and regularly produced. Code updates that are merged into the repository are made reliable by automated build-and-test procedures that are sparked by CI. Then, the code is […]